Just thought I’d post some feedback for you Cliff.

  1. Bug - if you start a new game without exitting completely you retain the skills and classes of the previous game (I see you’ve got this one)

  2. Erratic Happiness value - I’ve messed about on the easiest setting and to be honest, the happiness value is very erratic. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but I thought I’d just mention it. For example a bad day at work can drop the value from 3/4 full to pratically zero.

While I’m all for playing a depressed person I just think the value is a bit extreme, I could understand one bar decreases fair enough but a whole 3/4’s being dropped immediatly is a bit harsh. Likewise I could understand this if it happened because say, you got burgled or something.

  1. Friends will be angry regardless of what you do when a mix situation occurs. By this, for example, I get invited out on a social event, however I don’t have the money, my friends will be angry with me when they should be understanding. On the other hand if they don’t have money you can say whenever it’s ok or offer to buy them out.

Perhaps they could be coded to understand that you’re broke, or offer to re-arrange the date?

  1. The one-event a day option seems constricted, I can understand the one-event a week but if say you got two social invites or you got an invite AND a night school event couldn’t you have “two events” so say, you could tell your friends you can’t go out and instead go to school and vice-versa? Because otherwise it seems a tad stingy with the anger values. (I’m sure none of my real life friends would be annoyed with me for going to school instead of hanging with them LOL)

Anyway, just some feedback so far. I just personally feel those, especially the happiness value bouncing around all the time is having a detrimental affect on the game in my opinion.


Thanks for the feedback. The happiness is very influenced by your day at work, but as you play, you will discover other stuff that can stabilise your happiness. Reducing your loneliness and boredom helps, and if you have a romantic attachment, that really helps. Piles of cash helps too.
The idea is that not every day is potentially a good day to socialise, even if you have the friends and the cash, and having a bad day at work kind iof enforces that,

Yes there are a few annoying bugs that have come to light when you start a game right after another. These should be fixed over the weekend. If you quit and restart, everything should be fine.

in the next patch (1.04) easy mode will be set up so that people dont snub you at all if you turn down an invite due to alck of money.