Catalyst tutorial is innaccurate

Following the EXACT instructions as listed in the tutorial (I went back because it didn’t work in the game) after the third agglomerater the result is STILL eases migraine and NOT anti-seizure medicine.and not anti-seizure medicine.

SO what is the proper order???

From what I can see in the image you have posted, the ingredient you have coming out of the mixer doesn’t have the catalyst on it. You can see by the difference in what the tutorials image of the ingredient from your own. If you click on the multimixer, you’ll see a button that says ‘toggle base’, hit that to toggle which ingredient is the base ingredient for the mix. The base ingredient will overwrite the slots on the other ingredient that is put through the multimixer.
Without the catalyst there, you can’t upgrade your drug, which is why it isn’t upgrading. If you followed exactly what the tutorial did, then you’d not need to toggle the base ingredient. I do agree that it is somewhat lacking in that explanation, which I think would be easily fixed by having the tutorial make you toggle the base, but ehh, it’s still a work in progress.
Hope this helps!

I think you may of skipped the Shaker step, or imported the wrong ingredient.

Anti-histamine and Blood Pressure are both in the right spot in both the example, but as for the other two effects, the ones that presumably are from the ingredient not used as base, they are incorrect.

So as I stated, you either missed the Shaker step(s) or imported the wrong initial ingredient.