Need help with "Keep calm and carry on"



I’m having some problems with the “Keep calm and carry on” scenario.
As you might know you’re supposed to “Supply 250 Reduces Anxiety treatments”
And the ingredients I have:

[Increases Blood Pressure] (Cannot remove)
[Alleviates Insomnia]

Catalyst= Spotteed Wood Snake Dust
[Removes Warts] (Cannot remove)
[Blurs Vision_] (With a Catalyst I don’t need)
[__Causes Breth.Diff.] (With The Catalyst I need)
[Inflames Skin
] (Cannot remove)

As I see it I have to run the base through the Shaker twice, remove “Blurs Vision” and then mix them together?
Or possibly use the Centrifuge to switch the bottom ones? But I haven’t researched that one yet and only have 17months (Expert) left to supply 250 cures… Guess I won’t be making Expert on this one… :frowning:


Hi TheWho.

So the way catalysed reactions work is that they need to be present in the same drug as the cure you are trying to upgrade. So your aim is to use the mixer to somehow get the two effects (alleviates insomnia and causes breathing difficulties) into the same drug. Here’s how I would do it:

Run UNUSAMINE FUMES through shaker. Result:

[Alleviates Insomnia]
[Increases Blood Pressure] (Cannot remove)

Multimixer this and your catalyst ingredient. Result:

[Alleviates Insomnia][Removes Warts][Alleviates Insomnia]
[__]~~~~~~[Blurs vision]~~~~~~[Blurs visions]
________]+~[Causes Breath_]~->[Causes Breath_]
[Increases Blood Pressure][Inflames Skin_]~[Increases Blood Pressure]


Notice how the effects of the BASE ingredient are kept. And where there is an empty slot the effects from the other ingredient are added. This allows you to get the catalyst (causes breathing diff.) and cure (alleviates insomnia) in the same drug. Then it’s just a case of getting it to the right concentration (11-14) and running it through a Cryogenic Condenser.

Hope that makes sense and you now understand how the mixer works a bit better. :smiley:


I don’t know what I was thinking of course that’s the way to do it! Made master after all :slight_smile: