Challenge Problems - can't see fight/download button

I have checked the manual as well as searched online for a solution to this, but no dice.

When I select Challenges from the main menu, I can browse existing challenges but I cannot seem to play them. In fact, my browser never shows the buttons (that I see in some youtube movies) at the far right that state “Fight” or “Download”. The last thing in each row is the difficulty.

Sam W.

Figured it out. Thanks.

G’Day Nerhesi and welcom to the forums.

Thats great news that you figured it out. Could I ask you post the solution in case some one else has the same problem.
Personally i am curious to the answer since i have been thinking what could have been the cause and could only think of screen resolution.

Slightly embarrassed - but unlike the videos on youtube, the option for me to play or download the challenge in not available on the main challenge screen.

I didn’t realise clicking on the “Details” button was possible - in the far left of each challenge-row. That brings up, naturally, the details screen for that selected challenge which include the option to download and play said challenge.