Bug: Can't get in to challenges

Hello. Ever since the new 1.17 patch, every time I try to bring up the challenges from the menu screen, I get a runtime error and crash. This was not a problem in 1.15 or 1.16. Not sure what you need spec wise from my computer and I am also not sure if this is something unique to me.

Hi HJFudge. This bug has been discussed a bit already in another thread in this forum. While cliffski will no doubt fix the issue for the next patch, workaround has been found that can get you back to playing challenges in the mean time. I believe it involves deleting one of the files from the “My Documents\My Games\Gratuitous Space Battles\web” folder, but check out the linked thread for the exact details.

i bought the game yesterday (from impulse) and my “challenges” button is just grayed out.
i didn’t receive any code whatsoever.
what am i missing? i’m sure there’s a very silly and simple solution ^^’

You should have received a registration code somewhere, perhaps in one of the emails you received from Stardock after you made your purchase in impulse. If you didn’t get it you’ll need to contact them to see what went wrong. Once you have your code, you’ll can put it in on the “Online” screen, and that will unlock the challenges.

thought so, but no codes anywhere.
i’ll ask stardock then.

edit: open impulse. select “gsb”, right click on “view registration”.
it’s my fault i didn’t check in there before.
sorry to have bothered you ^^’

It occurs to me that there might be somewhere inside Impulse where the registration code is listed. I’m not on my gaming computer right now or I’d check how it looks.