Changed the layout for the car design screen

As suggested, I think a new column rather than the side scrolling tabs works better. Agreed?

It does look better.perhaps later make it hierarchical

  • body type
    • variant

Agreed that definitely looks better. Easier to navigate to the different models too rather than having to scroll across.

I think it can look even more better.

Would be nice if you could get a table list of all the options & car types or version you have created.

Then you check on row your option for each type/model pack in 1 window. Something like compare every moddel in 1 window without clicking your way on all the types/models.


On top your models from budget to delux, and on the left all the options you can get sorted by type 'Wheels,elektronics,safety, etc …"

That starts to look like the inside of a car catalogue then… which is suppose is maybe the point… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually quite nice for you to be able to easily compare between the models when it looks like that I suppose. The issue is where would you put the pricing information on a view like that?? At the top?? Or would you still want the other screens and then have that as an additional one??

I guess I could re-use some of the layout for that screen when you have researched a new tech (which shows you each car type and asks you to tick which to apply it to). It could be brought up by clicking some icon on each car feature perhaps?

Yeah that would end up providing a similar kind of result.

I am spending most of my game time in this screen, making sure the cars stay in the market segment which I want them in.

Prices are swinging pretty wild. Am I doing something wrong? Am I messing up a feedback loop with the market formulas?

Probably not. The AI does chase the speed of your research. If you are racing ahead, then competition will try to catch up, and that will put downwards pressure on the market value for features. At the moment this happens constantly, and without the player being specifically told, but over time, cars will go down in their ‘price category’ as features become more widespread.

I am toying with the idea of at least having a ‘news item’ popup in the bottom right to inform people when a car has changed price category. I think it also worth telling the player when a feature is now ‘expected’ in a car, but is not currently enabled.

Do you think that would be helpful?

Thank you for your response.

The long term trend is not what I’m bothered by.

I’m seeing prices go both down and up. This can be up to 30% in a short period. I respond by changing the price. And then not much later I have to change it back to what it was again.

It’s like sine wave. I’m wondering if it’s just the game doing that or am I the one causing the wave?

It’s slightly odd that I haven’t seen anyone else mention this.

Yes it would be.

But why not set the price directly instead of the markup percentage? Especially if the fluctuations are here to stay.

I just noticed there is actually a waveform in the component prices. It’s nearly identical for all components. Not sure if this directly effects the pricing of the car.

Screenshot: … U_sx1Yy6ZF