New car design system (in progress)

I thought I’d start a thread explaining my need to redesign the car design system, and show you what I’ve done (and why). This is for 1.13.

Hopefully we are all in agreement that the current system with its 32,000 different car designs, and that constant pop-up asking you to pick a price is needlessly fiddly and annoying and not at all fun. The problem is that there are too many permutations of features in the game (and many more to come) to have the player constantly asked to give a price for any conceivable combination.

My solution is to redefine a design as basically being a ‘model’. (its still called a design in the game…for now anyway).

A design is now a whole body style of car, so right now we only have one, and its the one that looks a bit like a Jaguar/Tesla/posh luxury car with 4 doors. Eventually more types will come, SUVs, sports cars, 4x4s etc.

With the new system, a design is just a name, and a series of markups. Those markups (for both the base car and any conceivable feature) are the prices you are charging for each feature that gets included in the car. A feature is something like electric windows, or a spoiler.

So now you will (cor example) say that ‘car1’ has a basic markup of 20% on the initial value, with a 5% markup on each feature. These markups are calculated based on the initial game starting price of each feature (including ‘basic_car’ which is just another feature).
Example: The game starst with a base car being valued at $16,000. There has been some stiff competition from the AI, so the current ‘market value’ for a basic car is now only $15,200.
You price your markup for the base car at 20%, meaning you charge $16,000 + (0.2 * 16,000) = $18,200 for the car, even though the market value is only $15,200. As a result, it will take a while to sell the car at that price.
Over time, if competition remains high, and output goes higher, you will have to reduce the markup on that car.
You will have a new GUI where you can set (or edit) the markup for each model, and for each feature on that model. Not setting a markup explicitly will mean that it sells at the default initial price.

A side-effect of this new system is that the car stock window will not show designs, but actual real cars, including the correct colors and other physical attributes. Here is a screenshot of the new car stock window:

I haven’t started work on the new dialog which will replace the current new car design dialog. It will be very similar, but will have separate price adjusters for each feature you can add. You will only see this dialog when selling a new car model, or if you want to edit the prices (from a new car design browser).


This sounds good :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be a good idea to get a consolidated list per model with some informations like number of variants, variants on stock, total numbers of cars on stock and min/max pricing.
If all single variant will be shown it can be a very long list nobody can overview at later game. But a consolidated list would give a short look. If each model would be expandable to the list as on your screenshot the player could get all details/variants of the specific model.

So if I understand you correctly, depening on what “features” I select for the “design”, the car will run through the production facilities and only install the updates that it needs, correct?

That should conseqently lead to (the very realistic!) effect, that e.g. “Supreme Tesla-Style” needs 2 Minutes to only fit the electric engine, but a “Sportswagon 2000” needs 5 Minutes 40 secs to fit its enormous V12, although the pass the same production slot, right? :slight_smile:

If its like that: I am gonna like it a lot :wink:

Edit: oh, i think i got it wrong - currently its only setting the markups and the car will still get everything installed where it drives through?

Sounds pretty nice so keep it comming :slight_smile: new owner since yesterday :D.

I would like to see an alternative to the slider we have now, maybe two +/- buttons with an optional checkbox to manually type in the markup value.

Yup I may have +/- buttons rather than a slider for setting individual markups.
Yup, its my plan that the actual production line just applies whatever goes through it, although changing to the method you describe would not be that hard, so we will have to see how people react to the new system first. I’ve made decent progress today in the GUI for all this, so I should be able to get it finished tomorrow and patched this week :smiley: (it will need testing).

I guessed so - it was already discussed in the car design thread that the ordering of cars according to the wishes of a customer should be implemented someday and the first step would be to firstly say “okay, lets build this car type with those addons”. And it reflects reality very much as e.g. on the production line you sometimes have a spoiler attached to a car and sometimes you don’t - just as the customer wishes :slight_smile: Looking forward to the next updates!


HI All

Build 1.13 sounds great

can’t wait to test it.


from the land downunder

Ok here is what I’ve been doing so far today. It is the GUI for an existing design 9and will also pop-up when you create a new car of a body type for the first time). Its a replacement to the old popup window that had the price slider.

I’m worried this interface is too complex or does not make enough sense?
This is listing all of the features in this car (all the features that are currently applied to that car, even if not to all of them…), and tells you the current market value of that feature (effectively the ‘fair’ price), the price you are charging, and how much of a percentage and dollar premium (or discount) that works out as.

if you charge a discount, your car will sell quickly. If you charge a premium it will sit in the showroom for a while.

The increase & decrease buttons go up and down by 1% until you are above 5% (or below -5%) and then they go in 5% increments.

Does this make sense? Thoughts?

So instead of creating a complete new design every time a new combination of features have been installed to a delivered vehicle now the player will have to set a premium/discount for that feature which is new to this model? This would be great :slight_smile:

Maybe it’s better either to have 4 buttons (-5% / -1% / +1% / +5%) the slider (for whole 5% per step) between two buttons (-1% / +1%) for fine adjusting instead of 2 buttons that will change the amount regarding the actual value. The slider would make it easier to adjust high % values.

Can’t wait for 1.13 … :smiley:

I think that new UI looks ok, but I’d go back to a slider to be honest (otherwise to make big changes I’d be clicking a lot more). As well as the slider I’d have an input box where you could type the premium if you wanted.

It would also be good to have an option to copy a premium across all features (or maybe across all common features, so if I wanted to I could easily set all safety stuff at a 0% premium, but all electronics could be quickly set to 30% etc).

From the UI is the market value what buyers would be happy to pay on average, or is it the component cost?

yes agreed.

Its what buyers on average will pay. Still trying to find a way to make that clear without a tutorial or tooltips.

So the premium you set in the UI is an offset to the average premium in the market? Would it make more sense to have the premium be what you charge on top of the component cost instead of an offset of the average market value? That would mean the UI could show the component price, market average, and your profit margin (both actual and a % margin over the cost price). I’m guessing the difficulty there would be calculating the component price if you’re making your own parts as well as importing.

Looks like it will be a lot of micro management, having to adjust all the prices constantly.
Would like to see a tick box at the Premium (cash) part that once ticked will automatically keep the premium (cash) at $0.

I hope that window can handle large lists, I routinely get 200-250 cars in my showroom before they start to sell.

Aha but this is the whole point. With new games you wont have those 250 designs, just one for the current body type. I’ve coded a system which brings over old save games with all those designs juts so they do not actually crash… but I’m hoping people will start new games with this version.

So this will mean you get smaller list and after every desing you get a instock number.

Ok here is a newer version. I think knowing your premium over the initial ‘base value’ makes more sense, and the current market value of a feature should really be something you need your marketing and business teams to work out for you, so thats unknown for now…
You have the option to just set a blanket markup at the top, or to then fine tune it with individual features if you run ahead and research a technology early (or late!).

looks good and solid for now :slight_smile:

Just a small remark about that Screenshot: 20 % of 16000 should give exactly 3200 Markup and not 3199 :wink: