Changelog and Previous Edition Challenges

Is there a changelog available with this and previous updates? It would be nice if this was viewable from inside the game, or at least have the option to have it pop-up in a patch. It would also be a good idea to start tracking version number on challenges and either invalidating old challenges at update or at least making it clear that they are not to the current version of the game.

Changelog is here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2506

I dont think challenges work that way. They’ll be whatever version of the game you are running, not what version they were created in, I think. That would make sense, anyway.

There are more changes noted on the first post in the Current Balance Changes thread in this forum.

I’m not sure, but i have had several challenges crash GSB after being downloaded because they referenced modules that did not exist. I could think of several ways how even basic balance changes could break stored challenges. For instance a cost increase for a heavily used part could make for a saved challenge where a fleet is using way more than the allotted amount of resources. I doubt the challenge loader program is running diagnostics to make sure downloaded challenges are “legal” so it makes sense to invalidate previous versions. Doubly so in beta where balance is being changed rapidly, we should not be testing our new fleets against outdated builds.

Additionally the high score table for survival mode should be reset with each beta offering. Strategies that exploit balance issues should not continue to grace the top long after balance changes have fixed them.

Just add a field “Version” to all challenges, fill it retroactively and then allow filtering by version.