Changing shield effects?

Hi everyone! I’m new here, new to modding, new to forums… generally just… new… I guess… ^^;

I’ve been reading through the multitude of threads on modding but I have a question (which if I’ve missed an explanation for already, apologies!) on changing shield effects.

Ok so basically I wanted to get the Destiny from SGU into the game. I found a suitable pic and managed to achieve this (albeit with floaty weapons… not got the hang of coordinate system for that yet…) and I used the ‘Ancient Shield’ module from the ‘Tau’ri’ pack already released by Woden… then it occurred to me (because I’m fussy) that the shield should be Golden/Yellowy instead of blue for Destiny.

Soooo… I’ve been trying to hunt down the relvant files so meddle with this… I found what appears to be the appropriate graphic dds file for that shield… however I want to create a new one, so I’ve been looking for the line in the config that tells which effect goes with which shield and I can’t find it… can someone please pretty please with drones on top advise as to where to find this? I just wanna tell it to use my new graphic instead (and need to know where to place said graphic!).

Many thanks in advance ^^

the shield effect is decided in the race file.

what race are you having the ship in now?

if it (as an example) is in federation, you need to find the file called “federation.txt”

in that file there is a line:

shield = “”

this is what decides the shield.

welcomme to modding forum btw!

The shield eff… damn, ponyus answered first… xD
Welcome! ^^

thats why im the “ninja” of the mod squad :smiley:

Hi guys!

Thanks for the warm welcome and quick response and help bows down in awe :smiley:

I’m using the Tau’ri race from Woden’s mod (seemed fitting as they got their mits on Destiny!). I shall attempt to change the shield and let you know how it goes ^^

Aradia, welcome to Gratuitous Modding!

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Indeed you are, my stealthy friend.

lol thanks for the welcome and the clearance :smiley:

hope there’s no noob/freshman jokes such as ‘sure, the toilet is just through there…’ sound of airlock being evacuated :stuck_out_tongue:

btw the shield thing worked nicely :smiley: Thanks!

next task: To sort out those floating turrets… then figure out a new engine glow thingy whatsit ^^

We’re “mostly harmless” here, in the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy sense of the term. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you haven’t checked it out yet, the Modding 101 guide is a must-see. That plus the forum’s search function will help point you in the right direction. The friendly community mod squad is available for answering specific questions, too.

I tried to do something like that a while back, just a warning- it is impossible to make a hull hugging shield effect as you cant do that with the shades… Though, I have found a way to have the shield sprite be hull hugging- with some side effects.

Hi again ^^

I’ve been having a play and this is what I have so far… (ship image was found online, not created by me)

As I said, I need to fix the turrets…and perhaps sort out that light-grey outline… but I’ll get to that another day… sleeeepy now (-_-;

Randy, a hull-hugging shield sounds cool, I’d like to see a pic of that! For now I’m making do with a golden bubble.

I tried to do something fun with the engine, but I couldn’t get it to stop pulsing which was annoying me… so in the end I removed the engine glow effect entirely and just drew the ‘glow’ straight onto the dds files.

Try not to laugh too hard guys, it’s my first attempt :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, seems like you will be a good modder, this is your first try and you coded a hull, hehehe, i’m not exactly a veteran here, but i just can’t code hulls xD
I’m something like the Supreme Module Coder of the forum :stuck_out_tongue:
Joke joke, just kidding [size=50]but i’m close right?[/size]

If you (or anyone here) need help with some module coding, tell me the idea and i will try to make it reality ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:
Since i almost finished the module coding of Praetorian Industries Mod, and i’m basically waiting for the hull codes completion, and seems like it will be the longest part of the mod… :S

Talking about the design, it looks good, but i’m not sure about the shape, Randy, you are a fan of that ship, what do you think? In my opinion, it have to be more fatty and shorter, o and with a bigger ass xD

About hull hugging, randy already tried that, and it didn’t worked, BUT what about oval shields? it can be posible? Guys?
If yes, it should be extremely useful for long shaped ships :smiley:
(like the ex beta leviathan :smiley: :smiley: :D)

That’s a really good suggestion. Has anyone actually attempted that oval effect yet?

i tried the oval shield thing… i was quite supprised!

the effect is still round but the shield is oval!

Niiiice, then it is posible, now we just need to think about the effects… xD

You, sir, are awesome. Thanks for experimenting and then sharing your results.

AAAND… for those of you who wonder

That is actually the shape of the ship on the show. It only looks good from certain angles- it gives that shape that you think it looks like.