Clarification on the defect severity impact

How does severity impact production? Money, time, or both? I assume both, but how much? There is a balance to be struck between the higher cost of inspecting/rework at the end vs.the cost of intermediate inspecting/rework not impacting throughput of the line. Any hints, Cliff?

Sorry for the delay in replying. Basically severity is a measure of how long it takes to fix that problem at the rework slot. The severity of each problem is a small random number, and every time a car with a defect goes through a slot, the severity increases. Thats because the defect gets more and more hidden behind new panels, equipment and features. Thus the optimum time to fix a defect is right after its caused :smiley:
The only financial penalty is the time taken at the rework slot. The severity of a defect does not affect customer satisfaction, just the number of defects.

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