Confused about Drug Packer

I’ve played Big Pharma during the early development but stopped just before the Drug Packer was added. I’m now playing it again since it’s been released but I’m confused about how to use the Drug Packer. I’ve built a production line using the packer being fed by two pill makers. It seems that the one box from the packer earns less money than the two pills it contains. Am I using the packer incorrectly?

Do u have specific details (value of pill alone, value of packed w/ 2)?

It will get you slightly less than the value of the pill alone because of the production cost of the drug packer.

If you don’t have a shortage of ports, using the drug packer will lower your profit because of it’s production cost.

It’s really only for being able to use a single port to export 2-4 products.

Ah, that makes sense! I haven’t used it in that way, but I will now. Thanks!