Ripped Off?

I bought the game using pay pal. My payment was accepted- and that was it. Seem to be missing something- like the ability to download the game. Of course, I can’t find a way to contact anyone on the website, so how do I go about getting the game?

Not to be rude or anything but uh, did you ever check the site for an email button? cause well there’s one at the bottom of almost every page…

Now onto the topic of the game when I bought the game I got an email less than a minute later with a download link, are you sure you typed your email address in properly and checked your spam bins and such?

Hi, I got your order on the 14th october, it definitely came through ok, so it looks very likely that the email that was sent to you with your download link has got caught by a spam filter. I’ll trigger a resend of the email right now, so check you don’t have a spam filter that’s trapping it.
if you still don’t get it, email me at cliff AT positech dot co dot uk, and I’ll sort it out.
Sorry for the delay.

I got it. I don’t know what happened the first time. That email address doesn’t have a spam filter on it, which is why I used it.

Regardless, I did look for an email link- and didn’t see it. Granted, I didn’t spend a great deal of time looking for it, because I knew this forum was here.

Great game- even if it does crash from time to time. I have a small collection of these games just to see how they mirror what I do for a living- and this is one of the best.