Conveyor Loops

So I built this long line, and tried putting in some loops just to see if I could. Most of them work fine, but problem comes when you make a loop around two different types of slots, eventually they will lock up the line.

Smooth Running

Vapor Lock

Here is the save if you want to play around with it.
fruit loops.xml (1.91 MB)

Why would you do this, outside of mucking around? It’s a common issue with belt-style stuff, so…

Cause I was mucking around, as you put it, lol

I’ve also seen this issue where lines cross over and the busier of the two blocks up the intersection.

The question for Cliff is whether this is a feature or a bug :slight_smile:

Should the behaviour stay as it is currently to discourage poorly designed factories, or could the game offer an upgrade (via research) to prevent cars from stopping on an intersection.

Maybe an Unintended feature, but I would love to see research into dedicated overhead conveyors, that may pass by other slots, but not connect. Ground conveyors that can be directional and programmable (Meaning only SUV, or only Compact can take this path, or only specific models…)

And Conveyor stoplights, so the intersections will not stop other production