could not create direct 3D device error


hey… i just bought the game off big fish

but the game runs really slowly… when it first loads everything runs slowly but after a while it completely slows down… like loading a game would take five minutes etc.

i downloaded the latest direct x but its still the same.
any ideas to what the problem is? maybe my video card needs to be changed?

sorry if this has already been addressed before… but i didnt feel like going through 14 threads!

update: urgh, now the game wont even run at all… it comes up with this floating box that says “could not create direct 3D device”. help!


Seems like there’s something running in the background.


Does your computer have 16mb onboard S3 graphics with 64mb system memory or a GeForce7950 GX2 card with 4 gigs DDR?

If there’s any combination I may have missed but describes your computer, please specify.

Maybe your video card needs to be changed or updated?


could well be some spyware or other nasties in the background. the game should be consistent, and either run or not run. You should do a virus check on that PC.