Crash when starting a battle

Vanilla, no expansion, latest patch revision-

After fleet deployment, battle screen loads, starts to “reveal” and throws an error dialog box with the following: Failed to find exp_sparkburst:…\src\GUI_Explosion.cpp 102
After hitting ok, GSB finishes crashing. Reproducible, happens every time I’ve tried (5 times now). Happens with multiple scenarios, fleets, etc. GSB worked fine prior to this morning, until the update ran this morning to 1.53.

To be fair, I updated my video drivers last night to the latest greatest nvidia.

This is likely a symptom of jumping a vast difference in versions. If your copy was too old, the patch unfortunately will not work correctly, and you need to re-install the whole game. You can re-use the original download link (pester me if it’s died), and a total reinstall will fix it, and be up to date.

I went from 1.26 or so, to the latest, so you’re likely correct.

I’ve pm’d a pester. Thanks!

Link re-sent,