Cross platform Modding Guidelines

Hey all,

The modding support on Mac and Linux just got a compatibility fix in the upcoming 1.07 patch. Mainly a file loading error was fixed with relation to the names_file mission parameter. While fixing that issue I tested through the a number of mods and noticed a few issues with some of them. So here are a few guidelines to follow

  • Use uncompressed DDS textures
    [list][]Currently the Mac and Linux ports do not support compressed textures so the Austria mod currently is missing some icons.
    [*]Ensure the .zip has the data and Mod directory at the root. The Austria mod puts these in an Austria sub-directory.
  • A future mac+linux patch will support reading mods directly from the zip to simplify installation

Hi Urcle,

thanks for pointing out that I have to use uncompressed icons.
Next Version of my mod, coming in a few days will correct that.

I’m not sure what you mean with the second point.
I have “data\mods\Austria.txt” in the root folder, or do i need to put anything als in the root folder instead of the “Austria” subfolder.

It could be how Cliff packaged it up on the mods page. Basically instead of the zip having


it had