Follow the Prancing Pony

If any of you have tried my “Follow The Prancing Pony” challenges, I was wondering if you have any feedback. Did you find them fun? Or was it a waste of time? Were they challenging or did you find it too easy? Did it encourage you try different deployments? Was it a fun battle to watch or just too predictable?

I’m considering making some with other races.

I am not sure what you want to do with it, so can’t really give much feedback.

If you just want to know rather those fleets are killers, they are not.

Some typical problems with it.

  1. Too much engines with too much long range - choose either high speed or long range, don’t use both. Why? Because you will get kill by both a high speed fleet with just CL, or a near stationary fleet that outguns you in long range.

  2. Frigates - just avoid them unless you are doing Swarm frigate spam.

  3. Fleet too spread out - while you can place a few decoys, your main force should always stick as close together as possible so they engage at the same time.

  4. Empire - they are the worst race in the game.

Well after noticing this thread today, I went and played all 3 Prancing Pony challenges (and geez, I feel ridiculous just typing that). I found them to be very fun, perhaps a trifle on the easy side, but I like my challenges that way. I used some eccentric deployments and wound up with results from hardly any damage on my end to 28% remaining. And every battle was entertaining to watch.

I heartily encourage you to make more challenges in this vein.