Cumulative bonuses and forsale items

Hi there - just picked up starship tycoon yesterday and had a lot of fun with it. I have a question, though. There are many things (e.g. fuel refiner thingy which gives better fuel efficiency, engines, holodecks, etc) which give a bonus when purchased. But, if you buy more than one, is the bonus cumulative, or is it just a flat “either you have it or you don’t”?

Also, another question - does the list of “for sale” items ever change or get added to if you leave it alone for awhile? I found myself “trapped” in a certain segment of the board because I only had one fuel tank. I couldn’t escape from the 3 closeby stars because the next nearest one was just barely out of reach. In this situation, would it be possible to just wait until a fuel tank “shows up” in the store?


From what I’ve seen, and I’ve been playing for several months now, the cargo and passengers “regenerate”, but the “For Sale” items don’t. And for what it’s worth, I feel your pain.

I don’t know about the bonuses question. I’m pretty sure the Fuel Scoop and the Fuel Refiner thingy :smiley: both stack. I’m not sure about the others.

Yes, the fuel injector and the fuel scoop do stack. It’s beneficial to have both. If you check under the details under fuel efficiency, with just the fuel injector you’ll have 150% efficiency, but if you add a scoop it goes up even more. Also I’ve noticed if you play long enough, more items are added for sale. Or if you have the money, you can always buy a new ship, and then either scrap it or your old ship for parts. Whatever parts you scrap will appear for sale. Sure you’ll have to pay extra for them, but it depends on how badly you want them.

I’m not so sure you’re doing this properly. Since this is basically the on-line strategy guide, my question was going to be: “Do you need one fuel injector PER SHIP, or one PER ENGINE?” I suspect that it’s “per engine” – which I’ll be able to check easily enough by check the fuel efficiency rating (which I’ve had at 200%, using one injector per engine). Now I’ll have to check your stacking claim, too.

Oh, and this isn’t intended as a slam, by any means, merely as one enthusiast looking to get those secret hints.

If I manage to get a sequel done, I’m so looking forward to coding stuff like this. (and making it tons better).