Cure rating advancement

Hi, quick question about increasing cure rating.

I just knocked out one of the cure rating missions, just as I finished I got a new line up (at max strength) so I thought I would see how long it took to get to A.

Treatment was anti seizure and every drug provided alleviated symptoms, it took until 230/230 to get to A (no side effects present).

This seems a little long for such an effective treatment - best part of 8 months on a single line. I had other much less effective drugs, sometimes with side effects, getting there after a similar number of successful treatments (although with more sales required).

Could somebody clear up the mechanics of cure rating for me - this is an extreme case but it got there only marginally quicker than cures.

A more useful application of knowledge is for stepping poor cures - since the rating resets after any change - how long until side effects reduce the rating? I see rating reduce after a handful nightmares but no change for 60 odd all successful treatments.

I had the same question:

Here are the replies I got:

I have noticed that the effectiveness of the drug even at max potency varies between ingredients. I have had some cures that worked at nearly 100%, and others that were only 20%. The only method I know of to increase the potency is to use the syringe, which doubles all effects.

The cure rate (and total number of cures) determines the ranking of the drug, so even if you have a less than 100% effective cure, you can still eventually get to an A ranking provided you don’t have any negative effects. The higher cure rates just make it to the A ranking faster. (As far as I can tell anyhow.)