Current Work In progress

I might keep this sticky just to post screenshots of some of the stuff I’m working on just so you people know I’m not just dozing off watching TV :smiley:

Make a new filter - newest or add a column - post date :slight_smile:

What are the two ratings for?

sort by map please :wink:

It’s tough fitting all the needed columns in. The two ratings are difficulty (as rated by players) and enjoyment (as rated by players)

I love the fact that there’s a difficulty/enjoyment rating. I’m really looking forward to improvements to the challenge browser. :smiley:

Really like the changes so far :slight_smile:

Ideas for fitting in a date column:

  • shorten the From/To field a bit
  • combine Victory and Attempts to one column Wins/Plays or something, with 0 / 1 as the values
  • redo download / fight / delete buttons to be just icons
  • remove buttons, highlight a challenge and have download / fight / delete show up below the list

Remove the Action Buttons to a Pop-up that triggers when a Challenge is clicked on.

That will likely happen at some stage, as the challenge stuff gets more features. For now, I’ll be checking in (probably monday) 1.08 with this newer interface, which is at least an improvement in usability on what there is now (especially regarding maps).

New stuff: (new button top of design picker)


Erm… anyway. Suggestion: limit the amount of info available in each row, but when a row is clicked on, expand it vertically to show more info. For example, you dont need to see the download buttons for every challenge, just the selected one. You can probably also relegate the actual victory/attempt counts to the expanded info, and just display some kind of aggregate difficulty score (e.g. the stars) in the unexpanded view. You could also delegate the long ‘taunt’ field and replace it with a shorter ‘title’ field in the unexpanded view, which would actually allow for a longer taunt in the expanded view if desired.

This might even allow you to shrink the unexpanded view for each map down to 1 line, fitting more challenges on the screen at once.

Once youre freed from the limitations of having to fit everything in such a small space you could probably add loads more optional stuff too, backstory, hints & tips, comments from people who’ve played the challenge etc.

New stuff being worked on:

Awesome! Can’t wait to play around with new modules.

nice to hear good news! new modules look awesome :smiley:

what effect does a crew module being destroyed actually have, anyway?

I second that question. Does losing the crew modules have any affect at all? The crew are not in their quarters during a battle anyway.

How about a ‘Bridge’ module? ‘Command Bridge’, ‘Battle Bridge’ etc. Enhances command and control improving the fire rate, damage repair, ship speed, power output and more by a small amount. Loss of the module eliminates the bonus. People won’t cover a ship in bridge modules, since there is the efficiency loss for multiple components of the same type. But it could certainly give that tiny increase to power needed to finish off a design without adding an extra power plant - while gaining a little bonus to other areas.

New stuff:

survival mode?

Ammo? Total destruction?

Being able to “select” enemy ships? Unless that’s a game mode that starts the player on the right…