Custom Bullet Textures

Talk to me about these demands for custom bullet textures. What is needed? Do you want the abiltiy to have a line in a modules like this:

texture = “”

and that texture be used instead of the default ‘’ for that module?

Is that what people mean?

(I’m editing GSB right now to change a really trivial thing, and I could do this while I do it…)

short awnser: YES!

long awnser: OMFG YESSS!!!11!!11!!

[size=50]YES[/size] [size=85]YES[/size] YES [size=150]YES[/size][size=200] YEEEEESS!!![/size] :smiley:

quick, delete this thread before Randy sees it! its gonna get messy! :open_mouth:

ok it will be

bullet_texture = ""

in the next patch

(my face when i saw that code line

[size=50](that is not my real face btw)[/size]
My gawd, i cant believe that this is happening :smiley:
I’m so happy :3


Cliff stills knows how to make people happy unexpectedly :slight_smile:

Do you have any time to add other features from the “quick things” list we made a while back, or was this just incidental because it was close to something you were already doing?

Oh man, i’m having the most powerful mindgasm of my short moddder life lol. Just…too…many…ideas… -its gonna explodeee!1!! -GAHHH!!!

Enough image spam for today…

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! Thx u so much Cliff! yea i think that is the only change we needed, that will make gsb modding with a full new set of possibilites!!

Wat a great notice sir!

SOOO MANY IDEAAAAAAAAAAAASss.s Now i can make my zombies shoot zombie babies at people :smiley: :D:D:D:D i love you cliff, im glad your not dumping GSB for GTB any time soon xD

Edit: Preators LOL

Ditto that xD

YES!! Ahem. Yes, that’ll do. :slight_smile:
I don’t suppose it might be possible to add similar code to missile flares, missiles or plasma?

THAT, i was going to say lol…

I also agree in full with the moddable bullet-textures function that Cliff’s offering to us.

However…CptFox, can you please delete that image? That level of profanity is not only unnecessary, it’s offensive.

Well, talk about an overwhelimg support for an idea.
Instead of posting something Gratuitous, i will go with -

Thankyou very much Cliff
In the spirit of give an inch, take a mile.
If you could add similar code to Plasma and missile weapons would be just fantastic :slight_smile:

Kind Regards
Member of the Community Mod Squad

The plasma suggestion has my undying thanks. Seconded.

As for missiles…

Would that allow us to have customized textures/sprites for all missiles as well as rockets and torpedoes?

– AND –

Would we also be able to assign a different customized appearance for each of the three?

OMG!!! This would make so much possible! PM me if you want to know what I have in mind (yes, it’s that dirty) as I will probs get an insta-ban from Cliff if I say it here.

CptFox, post more!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Modding Community

Cliff is about to bestow upon us a great power over GSB. I would venture to say that he has not granted this ability lightly as it conflicts with his prime directive of ensuring the utmost performance from his programs

In a previous post Cliff highlighted the pitfall of this option as it would hinder the performance of the game.
So I say to the modding community - With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

Dont go and make a 2mb file and place it in a mod because you can.
Please exercise some restraint when you use this option by considering the impact on GSB when people run your mod.

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Yep, and sadly PI is not the exception, there are around 2 or 3 Fx that needs high resolution due its size, like the Rift gen… it is the biggest with 1,70 Mb, and i hope that it will the biggest Fx… no more.
All the others have less than 300Kb cuz i already have the system requeriments in mind, cuz i have a second and less equiped pc for use as example, thanks to that, i’m making Fx that can be run as normal Fx ^^

Lets see what happens with Bullets, since they should be smaller than a beam Fx, i hope that would be the same with the size.
All the others

Sorry Archduke, I got excited :(.