:D Suicide!

I have invented a new kind of awesomeess:

Suicide frigates!


really fast

no weapons

pitiffully low armor/shield/hull

really really fast

lotsa explosions!

that thing that makes them cheaper, COSTBOOST,-1.5 :smiley:

maybe even a module that has these kinda stats:

For armor:
Weight: -50 or something

Hull points: -10 or something

Armor: 0

weight -50

hull points -10

shield: 0

weight -75
hull -10

thrust : REALLY HIGH!

and finally:
Power Generator


hull : 10

power produced : OVER 9000!

the ship has like 20 hull points overall, produces itself lotsa spaghetti!/power

I take it that you do not have the latest version of the Unity Mod . . i strongly recommend you download it :slight_smile:
There is the survival mission called “Point Blank” - its endless waves of Suicide Ships equiped with DoomsDay Generators™

This plug for the Unity mod was brought to you by Doomsday Generators - things that make you go BOOM !


Download the latest unity mod and have a look at the Doomsday Generator module.
In that module is my method to make any ship a “suicide” ship.

Using this module there is no need to make a custom ship that generates 9000 power for the kamakazi missions.
Just equip any ship with a doomsday generator and when the ship goes boom, you will take out (or damage) anything around it

A doomsday generator does not produce that much more power than the standard generators, but it does ensure Mutually Assured Destruction

In short, Darkstar already do something like you, i tested it, its great :stuck_out_tongue:

dag nab.


There is any way to make the fighters vulnerable to shockwave damage? i would love something like dozens of fireballs caused by the explosion, and it should make the game more realistic.

I thought there was a comment by cliffski about this exact same think not to long ago, he was considering changing the code where instead of riding out the shockwave the fighters were destroyed.

The proposed method was to combat the fighter spam in the campaign mode. So if you do not want your fighter to get obliterated when the enemy cruiser goes nuclear, you arm them with longer range weapons (ie torps)