1GB of Awesomeness...

I am currently making a ship 50,000x50,000 in size. I estimate (using the size of my leviathan as a basis) that the unflattened version of this ship (going to be a station) will be around 1GB… It’ll be released in the distant future as well, and posting it here through the magic of post editing…

Any thoughts?

While the game will let you have a ship that big, you will have problems with other ships tring to shoot it. There were some complications the first time i fielded your <> ship

My initial research showed that there were a whole new set of problem to tackle. At the moment i want to focus on Unity.

Side note, if it has a power generation greater than 10K there is a chance that it will take out everything when it goes boom . . in theory

I plan on filling every one of its slots with the most powerful variants of the Doomsday generator…

Oh, dear . . Talk about a no win situation (unless the player uses fighters)

If i may make a suggestion, Take an existing ship and make it 50kx50k and place it on a map and see how it goes. (yes, it will be very grainy) This way you get a feel for what will be involved down the track when you try and make the new ship fly . . . . You will need to turn on minimum zoom . .

Done… OMG, OMG, OMG!!! SHIP EVERYWHERE! WHERE IS SPACE! GAH! shivers in corner, rocking back and forth

hmm and I thought claustrophobia in space was an oxymoron…

It would have been like performing the trench run in star wars - with a cruiser. .
On the bright side the you cant miss.

If the ship is 50,000x50,000 and crammed with Doomsday generators, then no, its pretty hard to miss.

but you will have to use fighters since frigates and cruisers will be vaporised in the explosion. . .

but the death star isn’t a fighter, and thats the point :stuck_out_tongue: Ram a ship like Randy is planning into the death star and it will vaporise the death star…
And the planet nearby…
And the entire solar system.

@darkstar: No, I think that the analogy “Using a Destiny class leviathan to catch a mouse” would be more accurate.
@Wasabi: No, it’ll probably destroy the entire galaxy… with all those top of the line doomsday generators onboard.

Sorry - what i ment was the 50k cruiser that randy is building, you will need to attack it with fighters if you wish to survive the explosion - while they will be blown into the next sector, but they will survive.

Now there is a nasty thought, a squadron of fighters that are 50k in size . .

Actually I had an idea: kamikaze fighters. They have generators that, like doomsday generator, generate an insane amount of power, yet consume most of it. But it would have to be lightweight for a fighter. Has this been done before?

Not fighters… Frigates have.

There might be a reason why it has not been done . .
For example - does a exploding fighter create area effect damage ?

Right- forgot about that…

yeah, just tested, nothing happened… I watched hopefully as a fighter went over a frigate, blew up, and… nothing.

To quote Marvin the Martin . .
" . . Well, back to the ol drawing board"

As a member of the “Mad Engineers United For Extreme Gratuitousness” organization I’ll say:

Good luck with that

I already attempted to build a 8192 sprite size station. The simple fact of watching how my laptop needed seconds in order to make visible/invisible a single layer made me trash the idea of making such creations and stick to 4096. Yes, with better computers you can perfectly work with 8k sprites but I think 50k may be a bit too much.

Or maybe not, but I’m only telling why I haven’t written a post raising the size to 100k.

Go to your config.txt file inside your GSB saved games folder and mess around with the following line:


Specifically make the value smaller (0.5 or lower). I think that with something that big you may need to set it around 0.01-0.05 if you want to fit it in the screen.

Thank you for that idea… does it
OMG, LAG!!! LAG!!!