D3 Africa Fails to launch

I got democracy 3 africa on steam and whenever i go to launch it just doesn’t launch, nothing happens. Steam will tell me I’m playing the game for a while but then will stop. I have verified the integrity of the local files. I have no other democracy 3 products.

The game stores all of its player data here:
\my documents\my games\democracy3africa

The game generates new debug files called ‘debug.txt’ (general game stuff) and ‘drawdebug.txt’ (video card stuff) in this folder:
\my document\my games\democracy3africa\debug

There is also an error.txt file in there if the game has ever encountered an error, and that file is never deleted.
Looking at those files, or quoting from them can be helpful to Cliffski when he investigates any problems.

Be sure to include/attach to your post.

FYI, it is a great game and I hope you have your troubles fixed soon.