damage on weapons that don't deal damage.

ok…I’ve been playing with graphics for about a month now and I’ve had some measure of success with it, anyone who followed my “changing energy colors” thread has seen one of the more impressive (and lucky) images that I was fortunate enough to cobble together.

I feel like I’ve struck gold again…a beam image that I’ve really been striving for since I joind this modding community: a beam with a sort of “pulse” that travels down the center of it

the catch is: this beam requires the “SIM_ECMShockModule” to function with the right appearance, otherwise either simply doesn’t work or goes completely haywire.

I’m trying to get this weapon to cause DAMAGE, but it has to use a SIM_module that, according to the programming, cannot do this…my problem is obvious.

anyone who would like to view this image is welcomed to download it, to use iot properly simply plug the filename into the beam_texture line in the EMP cannon…help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!
ecmshockbeamV3.zip (15 KB)