Mod Question: Pulse Beams?

I love the idea of a Pulsed beam, meaning it fires a few times in a row then needs to cool down (I am thinking like a phasor from ST TNG firing a few times in a row in succession, then stopping, then firing a few more times).

I figure the idea on paper looks more like somehow making a weapon that can fire 3 times in a row at .5 second intervals, requiring a cooldown of say, 4-5 seconds, then firing 3 times again.

Is anyone aware if this is possible? I have modded a few weapons with fast firing rates but nothing with the intermittent cooldown.

You can model it by using the salvo variables, if you check the module information in the modding 101 thread you should be able to find them.

Thanks, I’ll go have a look :slight_smile:

No problem. Sometimes it’s hard to see which variables you need to use unless you already know the “game term” for what you want to do.