Good news for modders

I’ve been pulling the code to pieces and centralized the whole concept of a ‘warhead’ over a range of weapons.
So now the following weapons:
Beam lasers
Pulse lasers (bullets)
Kinetic weapons
Can all have any of the following warheads
Flak (Area of effect)
Shield Disruption
So modders who have always wanted plasma torpedoes that do radiation damage or ecm shock damage, or people who like the idea of kinetic shield disruptors, your wishes are hopefully now answered (needs testing…)

I think i may dble deeper into the modding seen if i have time (remember on my ships thread when i said id make a new hull in a week – is been several months now – one wonders if this is the situation Archduke Astro is in)

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. This will definitely allow modders (myself very much included) to fine-tune our custom weapons to the design intent.

Three cheers for Cliff! :slight_smile:

All hail [size=4]helix[/size] Cliff!

So many ideas… cant. think. straight! Gahhh!!!
head explodes

Seriuosly now, this opens us a new world of modding possibilities Cliff, keep up the good job!