Dayfines policy

A socialist law and order policy (though not one that I think would offend capitalists per se, just the wealthy and middle class): dayfines are fines which scale to an individual’s income. The slider would determine the range of fines to which they are applied- starting with small-scope, specific things like speeding fines, all the way to absolutely every fine being based on the principle.

I suspect it would decrease crime, but only by a miniscule amount- it obviously makes the disincentive to commit crime from a fine uniform across incomes, so any crimes commited because of income elasticity would not happen.

Obligatory wiki article:


Love it! I love seeing progressive or common sense legislation in the Law and Order branch. It’d certainly be a good incentive to teach the Bezos how to park.

Ha yes, I am aware of this idea. we really should add it :smiley: