democracy online?

have you ever considered progressing the brand to include an online version of the game? If not, is it on the cards, and again, if not, would the theory of allowing a third party to create an online version be acceptable?


would an online version of democracy interest you? Browser based, ad supported and free to users, with no need to buy upgrades etc.

I’m a fan.
I don’t think it would have much value, no. For a game that is good, I’d rather pay than have it be supported by advertising. I don’t react to the advertising, so when I use ad-supported things, I’m being a leech. I don’t want to leech off of good things.

Besides, online games open up a great deal of insecurities, performance issues, and potential bugs. It isn’t worth the pain. The time that could go into implementation of an online version could be better applied elsewhere.

advertising doesn’t earn that much money. People turn to ad-supported games because of high PC game piracy, but its really not a viable solution. The only real solution is for people to actually buy games they enjoy.

Which I believe that most people do, in hopes that it will encourage the creators to make more. Well, that’s how I work anyway, but it seems reasonable.