Dictatorship Possible ?


Is it possible by ticking the monarchy option ? How ?


No, it’s Democracy.


Why do you always answer to my post in an arrogant way ? As I can see you are not a moderator or something, then who gives you the right to act like this ? This also isn’t democracy. BTW real assassinations don’t occur that often at all.


Democracy is only an other type of dictatorship, has only a better marketing concept.


I like the cynicism. If you want to play the game as a dictator, turn off political capital. Congratulations, you can now initiate pretty much any government policies short of shooting dissidents.


I see what he’s saying. I did what I could to implement a tyrannical dictatorship, but it only takes about 4-5 quarters to lose the political capital needed to implement the 5 or 6 50pt policies. It may be democracy, but the options given should all be somewhat viable, if inadvisable. One of the problems that I see is your ministers. It seems to me you should be able to “refresh” your applicant pool, to better represent your population. So if I have a bunch of policies that stamp out liberalism and raise conservatism and patriotism, I should have more conservative and patriotic candidates. I mean, in real life, if I have a strong desire to meet a certain political goal, I going to try harder to attract people who are both willing and able to help me meet that goal. And no matter how horrible your agenda, with money and power you will always find people willing to compromise for a piece and people that actually agree with you. I think I’ll play around with it some more. Perhaps if you lower liberal membership enough in small ways over a period of time, while keeping the majority happy, you can limit how much protest you get as you slowly go police state. I still think the major problem will be having any way to raise enough political capital to implement more than one or two of those policies.


Refreshing ministers would certainly be an interesting idea. I like the concept of being able to play as a dictator, not necessarily an absolute one but one that is a de facto dictator through corrupt policies I.e, propaganda, partial state media, perhaps rigged elections as a dilemma that has a certain chance of succeeding etc.

As it stands you can implement a virtual police state that people seemingly keep voting for.


i have attempted to make Britain a police state in the game, it was actually easier than i thought but i was no real dictator, there were no rigged elections (despite winning them with 95% of the vote every time) and there is no way to stop elections. i managed to afford to make the police and army really powerful and fix the economy but i think it would have been better if you could change the government to a dictatorship after you gained a certain level of power.
perhaps after you have created a police state out of a nation you should get an option to stop elections altogether and basically either win the game or get an achievement or something.


I like this idea. Could you imagine changing Canada’s government into a Democratic Republic? Interesting possibilities!