Stateless/Anarchist/Communist Society possible?


I wonder if it is possible in this game to simulate an anarchist society (anarcho-capitalist OR anarcho-communist , alternatively a full communist society where the state is already smashed OR the way to a stateless society)? Or is it only possible to play the game within the limitations of parlamentarism and statetism? I know basically you won’t need to make the desicions anymore because the people themselves would make them, but maybe you can control the dynamics of the masses somehow, if you know what I mean :smiley:

Thanks for your answers, and sorry for the bad English :smiley:

While you can certainly shift from left to right on the scale, the extreme options are off the table in the vanilla game.

You can run large well-funded public schools, healthcare, transport, welfare housing, etc; you can run as a laissez-faire capitalist and rely on the free market to provide those services; but it’s always a capitalist democracy to one extent or another.

As always; Democracy is crazy moddable, so dive in and have a go!

Hope that helps!

The furthest to the left you can take a country is social democracy. I’d like to see how mods for a properly socialist and communist society would work, somehow you’d have to take into account that the player is meant to be an elected leader though whereas many socialist theories advocate a more distributed form of government.

I agree that you have to consider the mode of the game. You are a democratically elected leader, using a cabinet to run a Western nation. It wouldn’t make sense for the vanilla game to allow for distributive governments, anarchies, etc. It doesn’t even take the unique representative governments of the U.S, Canada, and the U.K. into account or the fact that France has a president and a prime minister. That would make things insanely complex and unpleasant for most people. However, this would indeed be a great mod!

Keep in mind, that to allow for simplicity, the countries in Democracy 3 are ‘big government’. Anything you do (adding/cancelling policies) is the state taking direct action. Therefore, anarchy, anarcho-socialism, anarcho-capitalism, syndicalism, etc would make no sense. You can come close with a very libertine, social democracy. And you can have an authoritarian, moralistic democracy. And everything in between. But a true Police State cannot even exist in the game because people (for some reason) are still voting you into office to impose these oppressive policies. The mod would have to completely change the game and allow for a breakdown and total transformation of the political system that structures it. I imagine that would be very hard to do, but awesome!