Do you pre-empt your unhappy musicians?

Hi, new to the forums, bought the game a few dyas ago and totally loving it! I’m having trouble getting my bands success way up their to stadium levels (can never afford those darned lasers!) I was wondering if I was doing something wrong by waiting till the band members complain before I get them new stuff? Do you buy new instruments as soon as you can? or hold on to the cash until they start to complain? Just interested in other peoples tactics.

I generally wait until they mention it so I can use the money to book bigger venues sooner.

hello Heli, welcome to Kudosville;

I’m currently experimenting with this. Some others and I have found that if you give your band all the best they still complain. That’s the way I’d always done it and have recently started a new band with the intention of waiting 'til they complain before getting something new. So far that way (the way you’re doing it) seems to be working out for the better.

One thing in particular that may be of use to you is ‘pay attention to the meters’ after the show ends. If you notice the ‘Rehearsal’ meter is way up there but the ‘Musicianship’ meter is about in the middle, work on practice more. You may notice at first that your ‘Stage Show’ meter is dim and very low (this simply means that you don’t have enough lights/smoke)

Pay attention to CD sales. If you notice you don’t earn back what you put into the CD it may be time to produce another. Get inspiration by going to other bands’ gigs (+25) or listening to music (+7) and write some new songs. If you go to a gig from another band you haven’t heard before, you’ll get +25 inspiration plus some new song notes to work with. If you notice that you were once selling CDs to 25% of your audience (i.e. 25 CD sales for a 100 capacity show) but now you’re only selling to 2%, it’s definitely time for some fresh material. (song quality and the quality of the studio in which you record your CD are great factors for producing a best-selling CD)

Pay attention to the song boredom levels for each song The songs are listed in order from oldest to newest so generally, unless it’s a classic, older songs that you’ve “played to death” have a greater boredom factor. I usually retire the song when the boredom indicator has 3 or 4 bars (supposing I have enough new songs)

When you first start out you can only play at Joe’s Pub or the Blue Note Bar. Always book the most suitable show. You need a fame factor of 40 to play in Fox Arena (plus a rental fee of 2270)

Larger seating capacity = more sales (both of tickets and of merchandise)

Make sure you always have plenty of merchandise on hand for a show (tshirts, sweatshirts, posters and CDs)

Always try to fill the venue to capacity as anything less will generally demotivate your band. Do this by being good, well-rehearsed musicians and being famous. Put on a good show (lights and pyrotechnics help)

Get your ‘effects’ in this order for best effectiveness (from my experience)

2 Spotlight Rig
Smoke Machine
4 Spotlight
small pyro
multi-colored light rig
8 Spotlight Rig
large pyro

at some point your stage show is pretty much maxed out and anything you do after that is trivial but every little bit helps. When you’re really big (earning 20,000+ per show) you should definitely have the computerized lighting rig and the video projection screen.

Listen to what your bandmates say:

When the guitarist says that it’s time to get him the Ultra-Axe X-Treme
Same thing with the other musicians (time to upgrade)

(cliffski is a very funny guy)

When they start talking about what needs improvement, they won’t always suggest the same thing:

At this point it’s easy to get frustrated and say ‘what a buncha crybabies!’ but don’t let them sway you. If you say to yourself “true, we could get a limo but it would be better to buy some lighting right now given our last stage show performance” then make’em wait.

The time that they start saying things in unison is when to really start listening:

(time for some new songs)

(time to get a rider)

If you’re used to playing at Rock Paradise and the Cat Club but you go back to Joe’s Pub you’ll definitely pack the place but you won’t make enough money to survive (Joe’s only has a capacity of 20)

All venues larger the Rock Paradise require that you have a manager. A manager is $22 per day but he’ll earn you more money by enabling bigger gigs and making the band happier.

Play charity gigs to get famous (not too many in a row or you’ll lose too much money)

Usually when there’s a charity gig coming up I like to not go into it with too much merchandise (yeah, that’s kinda sneaky) I imagine the ‘Homes For Cats’ would love it because we give them money but if we don’t have anything to sell (i.e. we didn’t spend our own money on 2,000 T-shirts) it’s “no sweat” - good for them, good for us…

Make sure you’re rehearsing in a suitable location otherwise it won’t be effective. Always get the best place you can afford, notice that when rehearsal is over the band’s comments AND your gain.
If, at the end of a rehearsal in a cheap rehearsal studio you notice that half your band members say “Isn’t it a bit beneath us to rehearse here?”, one guy says “Look at the state of this place. It’s so depressing.” and the other guy says “Why don’t we go the whole way and rehearse in the sewer?” and there’s numbers like ‘Rehearsal +1, Motivation -4’ then you know it must be time to move into a better rehearsal space.

So in answer to your question, you’re not doing something wrong in regard ‘waiting til they complain’ but probably in fact doing something quite right (this way seems to work best so far)

They don’t seem to appreciate it if you get’em something without them asking. I’m sure it has an effect on quality but nobody says “Hey, thanks for the new bass!” or “That new drum set you got me has really inspired me.” Sure, they’ll complain when they want something better but it’s never the other way around.

Maybe it will be improved after the patch… or the next one. Getting new stuff not only increases hype but as the saxophonist says “Those new spotlights really bring out the shininess in my new Sax-Tech Pro” then the bassist that has a close relationship to him – his motivation goes up, too.


Just for a laugh open up config.txt and change CHEAT_BACKDROPTOOL = 0 to CHEAT_BACKDROPTOOL = 1
It doesn’t help in the game itself tho.

Don’t forget to change it back to CHEAT_BACKDROPTOOL = 0 .

after the next patch, they will actually thank you when you get them stuff :smiley:

awesome :smiley:

Wow that’s tons of information, cheers everyone! Good news about a patch too.

Hi guys,
Great game!
I have been trying to fool around with some of the configs but everytime i try to save it says:
“Cannot Create The C:\Program Files\Rock Legend\data\config.txt file. Make sure the path and file name are correct”
Am I supposed to save them as another name?
What am I doing wrong?

might be vistas security obsessiveness?