Does vulture work properly?

I’ve been noticing that my ships will switch away from a heavily damaged target to a less damaged one when I have vulture set. I’d expect them to keep pounding the most damaged ship until it was destroyed before switching. And yes, all targets are in range. It’s annoying to have a fleet set to vulture not destroy a heavily damaged, retreating target in by switching to a healthy one before the job is done.

Using Cooperative in addition to Vulture doesn’t make a difference.

Am I missing something?

I suspect you’re seeing the results of the change described in this changelog entry (for version 1.15):

Were the badly damaged ships still shooting at you?

I’ve had both situations - so both yes and no. It didn’t seem to change the target switching behaviour. I first noticed it in 1.14 anyway.

Personally, I think that the target prioritization is a good idea, but I also think that vulture should override this behaviour.

The vulture order will override threat assessment calculations in the next patch