dog food

what is it that keeps me from being able to go shopping to buy my dog’s food?

The shops are only open mondays and at the weekend. Unless you have internet shopping with the laptop.

… You can modify the configuration file if you want the store to be open on other days.

I’ve set mine so the store is open on Wednesday as well as Monday and the weekend (so if my dog runs out of food on Tuesday he won’t hafta go hungry for five days)

When you get to the store, buying dog food four times will last a month+ without necessitating a visit to the store every week.

In ‘/wherever/you/installed/kudos/data/solo_activities.csv’ change .. call shopping,0,default,0.1,0,1,-1,-1,1,0,0,0,0,1,1,#...

(I use CSVed from Sam Francke.)

In the original file the ‘Go Shopping’ line is 13, column 13 is “mon”, col. 14 is “tue” … col. 19 is “sun” (the respective values as “1,0,0,0,0,1,1,#” in the above code)

Somewhere cliffski has posted definitions for all the values but the headers do a good job of making it seem pretty self explanatory… i think.

In this line, a value of ‘1’ means that the store is open while ‘0’ means that the store is unavailable. That should be enough.

BTW, whereby I’ve made it so that my store is closed a maximum of two days in a row, I can basically go to the store whenever I want (an alternative side-effect being that I won’t starve my dog)

Because I can only do one activity per day (after work), shopping being one of them, and with respect to my generally productive nature, I don’t wanna waste the whole day just buying dog food. Here’s a neat feature! (… if this is really a ‘bug’, please don’t fix it; it’s useful:))

Buy dog food (buying one thinga dog food will last nine days by default… I think! ) Two days before the dog runs out of food, you’ll get a memo note to ‘Buy dog food’. If you click on that note, you’ll be taken to the store where you can buy dog food (and whatever else you need). This is not ‘counted’ as an activity (i.e. if you get the ‘buy dog food’ note and then choose ‘go shopping’ from your solo activities, you’ll have used up one activity for that day. If it’s Saturday, you’ll only be able to go shopping and do one other thing. If you wait 'til the ‘buy dog food’ note comes up and click that, you’ll be able to go to the store and still have 2 activities left when you get home… if it’s the weekend; only one of course if it’s monday :wink: )

[edit]Actually, it’s a feature![/edit]