Interacting With Pets and Cars

I recently downloaded Kudos 2, and have been enjoying it quite a lot. I have a couple of questions however…

I have a dog, who wants my attention, and I don’t know how to interact with it. There is nothing listed under solo activities, and when I click on his icon the only option I have is to change his name.
How do I go about interacting with my pet?

Another question, about transportation. When going to work, I attempt to change my commute to use my car. It is not available. Why is that?

Thank you in advance for the help.

  • NyappyCat ^-^

Mini Update

This might just be my imagination, but when I stay home to play sudoku, watch TV or anything that keeps me in the house, my dog stops jumping up on me when I return from work.
So, staying home alone is equivalent to spending time with the dog also?

Still haven’t had any progress with the car issue.

Haven’t tried any pets so in that area I’m no help

About car, have you learned to drive it? It’s an solo activity.

Ah, of course! I feel silly. I haven’t learned to drive yet. I finally did discover that at least for the dog, taking a walk in the park is how to bond with him. It is an added solo activity.