Dreadnaughts Mod install question

Hello. I downloaded and extracted the Dreadnaughts file to my GSB folder. All the files are now in a folder called Dreadnaughts under the GSB folder. When I run the game though it won’t let me design any dreadnaughts. Sorry if this is dense, but what have I done wrong? Eager to install and use other Mods too, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hmm, is the folder Classic DNs or Dreadnaughts ?
As you can appreciate, there are quite a few mods out there so providing a solution can be quite difficult if we don’t know which mod you are referring to.

If it is the Classic DNs mod by Archduke Astro, then i would recommend that you check Fleet HQ to see if the hulls are locked and loaded

Thanks for replying. Yes, it’s the Classic DN mod. I checked Fleet HQ, no DN hulls in it.

Have a read of this see if it helps the problem.
(currently it sounds like the mod is not in the correct directory)

Thanks. That fixed it. Man, those are big ships!

Indeed. They were a lot of fun making them look imposing :slight_smile: