Education increases fake news (1.071)

Education increases fake news (version 1.071)
I think this must be a mistake. Education level should decrease fake news.

Its negative relationship.
That’s maxed out education doesn’t effect, or even decrease fake news.
There are some things with -x type relationship.

i dont have my computer here so i cant screenshot but in 1.071 it was a positive (green) feedback

That’s what I meant by negative relationship:
Education lower than 1 increases fake news.

There will be graph tooltip in 1.08 so you can hover over more confusing things.
Some things are constant - x^some power

Ok i see how that works. But thats not usually what negative relationship means. You are sort of counting backwards from the top of the graph so you are introducing a double negative which is confusing in this UI. You should represent inverse relationships as red and direct relationships as green, this would be more clear to the end user.

Right now:
🠉EDU (GGG____________) FN 🠋 (inverse relationship)
🠉state brod (RRR____________) FN 🠋 (inverse relationship)
🠉tech (GGG____________) FN 🠉 (direct relationship)

but this looks like (UI):
🠉EDU (GGG____________) FN 🠉 (direct relationship)
🠉state brod (RRR____________) FN 🠋 (inverse relationship)
🠉tech (GGG____________) FN 🠉 (direct relationship)

Should be (more consistent to user but need an extra transformation behind scene):
🠉EDU (RRR____________) FN 🠋 (inverse relationship)
🠉state brod (RRR____________) FN 🠋 (inverse relationship)
🠉tech (GGG____________) FN 🠉 (direct relationship)

Green always means increase and red always means decrease.
Negative relationships could be styled differently.

That is if A effects B as negative function, then maybe it could be dotted or something.

Ok i see, well then something modifying the label will help.
(green means increasing FN, red means decreasing FN)

(low) EDU (GGG____________)


have the bars come from the left when the input is influence is reversed as in this case
(low) EDU (__________GGG)
state brod (RRR____________)

This is how this is getting resolved