1.24 notes

Environmental Protests still have bugged environmentalist membership influence.

77% of people are environmentalists.
Dot isn’t on red line.

It seems like economy and tax ministers always have custom job name in tooltip.

Also this was missed from previous version notes:

Why Housing isn’t scaled by Population and Airline/Post Service - by wages?
Is income increasing like cost would increase? For example population or wages increasing income from those policies.
Can negative cost simply be moved to income part of policy and set accordingly?
State schooling and media also could be there as revenue generating policies.
By the way competition law could be made uncancellable, and default of 0.5.

Tear Gas and Water Cannons STILL has duplicated effect on luddite riots.

Rename None to Minimum (default slider).

It will match “Maximum” nicely.
Also None doesn’t really make sense since there still is some spending.

Married Tax Allowance also should increase Parents income - some people wants to be married before getting kids.

Now I wonder if Parent School or other policies, that quickly increase Parents membership, aren’t incentivising child adoption.
That is if people know how to parent, and have comfortable finances, are more likely to have kids.

Money printer goes BRR

I abolished poverty, poor and middle class.

It would be nice if scale always shifted so you don’t get tower on one or other side.

Despite debt crisis everyone is rich.


This is awesome