[error 1.06] Crash in assigning "Escort" in Deployment Phase

Hi Cliff,

Great game. Really happy to support such a wicked concept. Just wanting to know if, on Windows XP, other people are experiences a crash when trying to assign fighters into an escort role. I’m yet to clear the first level, as I’ve only got enough honor for a single flight of fighters outside of the ones already deployed…and it’s a little hard to experiment with bombers when I can’t escort them!

Either way, fantastic production. Cheers.

EDIT: Sorry, should have added it’s the most current version. 1.06. Grabbed it last night.

And here’s a big slice of humble pie I’m chowing down on. I only just realised I could manufacture any ship up to cruiser size from the very beginning! Talk about a shameful discovery after throwing a few fighters at the enemy fleet and just enjoying the explosions!

But still, the escort assignment still causes the game to crash, with ships of all sizes.

I noticed that, too. The game crashed when I gave escort orders to my fighters, changed the range and started the battle. I had given escort orders to all fighter squadrons. But in other cases the escort order worked.