ERROR 41 - set your clock to yesterday to play! :)

seems to work *:slight_smile:

holy shit…it all happened at …yeaaaah, nice.

y2k all over again!

/bump for attention

It does indeed work - does anyone have a more permanent solution for this?

On the plus side, I got another round of coins from my Plants Vs. Zombies zen garden…

cliffski needs to look this one over, most likely since were all seeing the problem its an issue with the software and not on our end.

It’s probably to our advantage that everyone is experiencing the same thing, he should be able to reproduce it and track it better than something that only affected some but not all of us.

i’m sure it’ll be somewhat high priority… but then, i’m sure he’s not actually awake yet :slight_smile:

Run the game again now. it should autopatch and fix it.

Yup, patch has fixed it for me.