Booo. Crash.


So I hit the old “time to sleep” button, the music started for something fancy to happen (not sure if it was the end of 10 years or not), and then she froze on me with the music still running. I had to Ctrl-Alt-Del and close out. I can load my most recent save from the same character, but when I go to load the autosave, Kudos immediately crashes to desktop.

Any ideas.

Thanks Cliff.

Great game, BTW. :smiley:

I’m pretty certain this is a problem with sound card drivers. Which version of the game is it? (bottom left of main menu).

1.22 Final it says.

Yup, that’s the latest, do you have up to date drivers for your sound card? I suspect it’s failing when trying to play the music. If you can email the save game to me (cliff AT dot Uk) I camn make sure. The saves are located in your mydocuments/kudos/savegames directory.

Will do.