error while testing out super-cruisers

As You can see it crashed after about maybe an hour to two of wave after wave combat. Is this becasue it simple runs out of waves to put up? I got up to 1,139,019 destruction total before I got a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error.

Also how does one add new ships to the survial mode waves as I would like to add in a few super-cruisers for the same race that is in the two survial modes in the starting game no-expansions or mods except my super-cruiser, destroyer and crovette’s and super-cruiser items.

Much thanks

Its 3:30 am do you know where you kids are? Better go look in there room and make sure there is no pillow under the blanket.

I think Cliffski’s said there is a memory leak somewhere, which can cause the game to crash if it goes on for too long. You can find the text files used for survival mode in the game files, and just change the ship names.