EU policy and sell policy


First of all my Englisch not the best of all (original form The Netherlands). I love Democracy and have played it for many hours. When I saw Democracy 4 I bought it and I like it sofar. Also played it for a lot of hours now.

Perhaps it would also be nice to make an EU policy for EU-based countries with both positive and negative effects.

Optionally, a cost basis for this could be based on GDP level as it is now in reality.

Also, after nationalizing a particular industry, it must also be possible to sell it again. Possibly with a profit.

I would also like to see the banking sector have more influence in the game. Something like nationalizing this or introducing specific rules for this on the basis of the 2007 crisis.

I have many more ideas, if you would like to hear them let me know.

Hahaha, from what I heard (from the perspective of somebody whose first language isn’t English either), there is kind of a meme that people from middle- and western European countries tend to have better English than people living in English nations. Like, I’ve heard this being said by several native speakers by now. I wouldn’t worry about it :slight_smile:
For what it’s worth, your English in that post is perfectly fine.

It would be cool to get, like, multiple layers of government to interact (as an EU-policy would entail) but I doubt that’s gonna happen. Really this would make sense for the US too, where arguably the game might be better played out as a particular US state with only some things actually being enacted for all of the US.

You can cancel state industry policies already. You will get some money back for that.

Thank you for my English.

I think that a multi-layer will work, but it should not necessarily be in a double layer. For example, you could say that the EU helps foreign relations and GDP. But is against patriots. In this way you can find more depth in a game on hot-topic items (especialy for the UK).

For example with a min to max as trade agreements, EEA member, EU member and full EU integration.

I think a Supranational Union policy would cover this.