Export Parts

My factory is currently in full flow, and we are manufacturing every possible part that we can on site. We are essentially just importing the bare minimum and everything is created in house to reduce costs.

Due to me being a bit of a hoarder, we have far too much stock of parts, so an idea would be to sell these parts to a competitor as a stand alone part - much as we import them early on in the game.

It would push the factory owner to research parts and manufacturing, and to have stockpiles of parts worth cash rather than just sitting in stock. It could even be a researchable upgrade for the current export slot.

Sorry if there is already a post for this, did a search but couldn’t find anything.

I was thinking the same! Maybe they can transported to the export area and get stored until they are sold to other factories/garage etc.

What about the After Sales Spare Parts Market ?? Most car companies only make their real profit on Genuine Parts.

Yes!!! +1

When you are importing the parts the spar parts for that car are sold buy the Co. you are importing from (you get no profit)
You start making the part in house. Then you research “OEM Parts” now you sell the parts (the computer can do a little number crunching) and you selling parts for this car at $ is good for budget cars and bad for expensive ones (cheap parts and customers think cheap car). But if you sell the part for $$$ its not good for budget cars (customers wont buy a budget car there no cheap parts for).