On Campaigns

First off, lemme say that this is one heck of an awesome game you’ve got here! Its everything I’ve ever wanted about space battles, sans being 2D and without triple-barreled battleship turrets (and of course, space battleships :frowning: ). Still, its amazingly crazy fun especially with the tons of mods out there.

I was hoping to ask though, but is there a way either presently or planned in the future to create a single player and/or “persistant” campaign of sorts in the game? The current missions are kinda barebones, which is alright considering the main meat of the game appears to be in the challenges. Still, it’d be nice if we could make custom campaigns with stories and a bit of permanence to the ships - like a campaign that starts out with a fleet of your choice/design and you have to survive with it through several missions - but the ending state of the fleet would be what you would start with in the next mission + some reinforcements; sorta like homeworld so creating all rounder ships would be important.

Either that or at least someway to make a campaign with text briefings and debriefings along with ways to add random events through a mission to spice things up. Honestly just briefings and debriefings would be way awesome as it’d let you string together several into a nice long story :smiley:

If the game outputs the result statistics as text, any competent coder could whip up a basic interface that auto-creates challenges and deployments.