Feature(s) request

I don’t know if these are feasible to add to the game OR if they have already been mentioned but…

  • Being able to target individual systems (example weapons,engines, etc)
  • Manual ship control, not just autopilot
  • Various weapon, speed, shield, etc powerups (bonuses)
  • Capability of creating your own ship system modules with an easy to use integrated or external editor

I’m still not hearing any sound effects that much unless you REALLY move in close

Orders to target specific systems might be cool. They’d have to carry some kind of accuracy or damage penalty, though, to keep things balanced.

I don’t think we’ll ever get manual ship control in this game. That’s kind of the whole point - it’s a game about designing fleets, then turning them loose and hoping for the best.

I’m not sure what you mean by powerups in this context. Like regular video game powerups that would drop during the battle and ships could go pick them up? That feels wildly out of place with the rest of the game to me.

Improved mod support would be great to have eventually. You can already do a lot with just a text editor, but some kind of GUI-based utility would be cool. Maybe a community member will build something like this.

2 out of 4 ain’t bad.

However ships that are supposedly controlled by a human crew, why not give the user ability to control those ships manned by humans?
The droid crew would seemingly act on there own but the way it is now why have human and droid crews at all if they both perform the same autopilot function?
And I know the purpose of a droid crew is less space, but still my point being if the ship is manned by a HUMAN crew it should be able to be controlled by a human.

Powerups not necessarily limited to just bonues. Maybe engine or weapon parts that drop off the opponents ship after being destroyed that you MAY or maynot already have or unlocked? There is such a thing called ‘salvage’. Hmmm, a real good use for a tractor beam…

I’m not asking for something unusally awkward or absurd here, I’m just making suggestions that I would like to see if possible. It’s certainly is ones opinion to either like or dislike something when someone makes a feasible suggestion. In the end the developer is key on making the decision on whether it would be feasible or not to implement these suggestions in some way or form.

think of yourself as churchill, sat in the operations room in london. you’ve instructed your fleet.

those ships are manned by humans… but how exactly do you stretch to the idea that you can magically remote-control humans? droids possibly … :slight_smile:

i personally like the way you can’t micromanage. i do sit there and boggle as the cruiser captains lumber away from their compatriots just to chase down a single fighter, but that’s part of the game. a quick poke at the orders and they behave slightly less insanely.

And let’s slice up the Mona Lisa while we’re at it.

Harsh dude, I’m only making suggestions.

It’s people like YOU that are the reasons I DON’T post at forums like this. I make a few suggestions, mind you some of them aren’t that great but someone like you has to take the fun out of it.

Whatever. I guess maybe I should just play the game and let EXPERTS like you make all the decisions…

The point is that this game isn’t about controlling individual ships. If it were, it’d be a completely different game. This game has literally no micromanagement, and that’s what makes it different, and that’s why I bought the game. It’s about designing ships, planning out their orders, and seeing how well things play out.

Adding a feature like that would kill the game. Plus, your analogy about humans controlling the ships is completely irrelevant. Like someone stated earlier, it doesn’t matter who or what is controlling the ship; you’ve given them orders, and they have to carry out those orders.

If any of this sounds harsh, it’s because it’s almost like telling the designers of a war game to take out the combat. It’s just ridiculous.


yeah dude it is nothing personal. it’s just running contrary to the mission statement and synergies implicit thereof.

My problem with salvage is that you pick up salvage at the end of the battle not during it. Plus I’m not sure looting the dead and honour points are compatible.
Would be an interesting choice. Do you loot the dead and take a hit on your honour but could get a BFK 2 bazillion or act honourably and get the points to unlock stuff normally.

I dont think it would be a game killer if manual control during battle was put in. It certainly wouldnt be the wailing doom some people here make it out to be. I’d still play the game if control could be manual - if you wouldnt still play it, fine, but /ragequit because you get to control your own ships, that you’ve designed, seems a bit shallow to me.

That said, the only one of the OP suggestions that is of interest to me is the module targetting orders.

Well, it would be a totally different kind of game at that point. If we could have separate challenges/survival mode highscores/etc. for interventionist vs. hands-off players, I guess it would be fine, since then you could ignore that feature if you didn’t like it.

Anyway, I suspect the whole debate is moot, since the lack of direct control is sort of the whole premise of the game.

Yeah, sorry Harathan, but I just can’t see manual control working with this game. Cliffski specifically differentiates this game from an RTS by saying you don’t control the ships, you just design them and set them on their way. Adding manual control would completely change the way the game works, and while I’m not saying it would be bad, it wouldn’t be the same game anymore. Though I’m sure it would avoid many of the AI and orders problems that people have, I just can’t see Cliffski doing that.

I did actually code direct control in at one point. It was actually really handy for debugging, but it really did not make the game more fun. In fact it made it a bit of a nightmare to play, so I took it out.
Knowing you do not have direct control makes you spend more time on deployment. Deployment ans ship design are 90% of this game. This makes you play differently, because most RTS games, people rush those bits and hope they can think on their feet. GSB is about the inverse of that, which I think is a refreshing change as a game mechanic. It also provides a pretty and exciting game for people who have really slow reflexes or can’t multi-task. It’s the ‘anti-starcraft’ :smiley:

as funny that may sound, but I personally am noob at strategies and this game lets me win and think and enjoy… no manual control, please. We already do huge jobs adapting, placing fleets :stuck_out_tongue: why would one care to manually control ships? Just add specific order like co-op and retaliate and there you go.