Fighters pause mid flight for a split second

Just got the beta and been playing around for a bit. Looks good but something I noticed:

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned but sometimes the fighters will stop moving for a split second before continuing on their flight path. It’s not being caused by explosions or anything, they would just be flying along and then suddenly pause for a moment, it’s not a gradual slow down and speed up but a very sudden stop. Happens mostly around enemy cruisers.

Hi, are you sure the whole game isn’t freezing at that point? If so, you many have performance problems. Turning off some of the graphical options or running lower res should fix it.

No, everything is still running very smoothly, I have a fairly high spec PC.
Just the fighters stop moving.
I’ll see if I can’t throw a video together after I get this patch.

I was looking for this issue myself, but I couldn’t see it happening. I haven’t noticed fighter pausing in 1.00, 1.01 or 1.02 … maybe your pilots all went on strike to protest the quality of the coffee? I’ll keep my eyes open, though. I’m going to play the game some more tonight and I’ll pay extra closer attention to them. If I see anything I’ll report back.

The only time my fighter legions (LEGIONS I tell you!) slow down is when they get caught with a tractor beam. When that happens I sing a lament, in Gollum’s voice: “Caught in a web, soon you’ll be … vaporized! sniffle

Here’s a video I got using unregistered FRAPS (hence it being 30 seconds long) … 0rbnE_jw==
(private URL)

I slowed the game down so that the stopping is more visible.
I’m using ver 1.03 but this bug appeared in 1.02 as well.

Counting the ships that fly in directly behind the cruiser, numbers 2,3,5 and 8 all stop for a bit. The rest fly past normally.
I’ve added annotations to the video to help point them out.
Sometimes the fighters will stop out in open space as well but those are harder to capture.

Maybe I’m watching a little too closely XD

P.S. The video is not public so once 25 people on this forum has seen it I’ll remove it

can someone confirm the fighter stop bug please.

I can confrim it. But the only time i’ve ever seen it is with a fighter I created with no weapons that has a speed of over 4. It’s my guess that the fighters stopping problem is simply the AI doing step instructions…but since my fighter got to where the AI told it to go before the next round of instructions arrived, it froze to wait till it caught up.

Interesting. I have not seen it myself, but I see what you mean in that video. I shall investigate

On top of the fighters simply pausing for a split second. I’ve ran into cases where the fighters get stuck (frozen in place) at what appears to be the range i set with the slider. Here is a picture… Note that for some reason they always face to the right when stuck

The fighter crop-circles bug is seconded.

That bug was introduced in 1.04, I’m sure it’ll be fixed in the next patch or so