Fine-tuning modules

How many times you’ve needed just 1 crew more to use your guns? How many times have you needed 0.1 more power for your shields? I have been in these situations and I thought of fine-tuning like your shields down just a bit so you don’t need to build that extra generator. This could work something like the Democracy games policy tuning or Civilization games science, income, culture thing (in case you don’t know you can put there something for example 20/30/50 so it sums to 100%). Like you could improve shield strength and also raise power usage (and vice versa). Or take some crew off guns to lower the tracking speed. And I would also like some more micro-management in general.

Great idea to add even more customizablity to ships, but I’m not sure how this could work out balance wise. Knowing most games, if this wasn’t balanced perfectly, people would find it more effecient to always “fine-tune” certain modules to the max, which would cut down on general uniqueness of different ships, making this added customing ability useless.

personally i think this is a great idea
it means more variety,variety means more options,both for good and bad,and that means more unexpected encounters and surprises in battles
tunning would bring great potential to the game, which is what every game needs… give players the tools to create and modify themselves whatever they want,and they stay happy forever

would be also good if tunned weapons would change their characteristics in the game… weapons with more power would be louder,lasers with more range would have brighter shots/muzzle flashes or longer projectiles, overloaded beams would be wider
might also use some of the custom effects created by players earlier (forgot who,sorry guys)

this could come along with a set of drawbacks apart from additional requirements on the weapons… while underpowering the components would have no negative effects besides the obvious,a controlled overload on a beam might have a % possibility to create a feedback,damaging the module slightly… the greater the overload the greater the possibility of a feedback
critical overload might cause a explosion of the given component and cause internal damage to the ship itself

I think a % chance to break your weapons adds too much randomness to the game.

Tuning missiles to have like +decoy and -speed could be fun :smiley:

thats the whole point
soldiers rifle can jam in the field in the middle of a firefight
besides,i didnt say break,i said “damaging the module slightly” which is a LOT less than a jammed rifle while you got 10 guys lobbing hot lead at you while all you got is a knife,pistol with low range and a flak vest

and its not like people arent using repair modules anyway… its just a risk you have to take if you overload your weapons enough to make it dangerous