First bug .... maybe

I loaded in a saved game but the money wasn’t what it was meant to be.
I had about (£ or $ !!) 8 grand but when about to play I noticed it showed 1,111.
So I quit and tried reloading, the amount on the load a saved game screen was right but still only got the 1,111.
I’ve saved and loaded numerous times before and all was OK.

managed to reach 195 Fame in one game :laughing: What is the max amount it can go to ?

I got fame up to 500 being unsigned but it seemed to cap out.
__ unsigned in this case means ‘no record deal’, not necessarily ‘no endorsements’ Fame probably increases with a recording contract.

“That doesn’t seem right”, I thought.
Apparently fame goes at least to 1000 (this information gleaned from looking in rehearsals.csv)

BTW, what setting will make the band stop complaining about the rehearsal location? (i.e. after playing in a ‘Medium Rehearsal Studio’ for awhile, motivation decreases as they say “this must be where the rubbish bands practice”) It may make sense after I completely digest ‘config.txt’

There should not (IMO) be a limit on fame. After you reach a certain amount of fame you get more offers for record deals/promotions. After you surpass that amount, you get even more offers. They should increasingly get better. Maybe they do I just haven’t signed any recording contracts yet so I don’t know.

After you’re signed already, you get other offers:

In reality Collective Soul is pretty famous so we could give them a KRL fame score of 850. That’s cool. How about TOOL? maybe they’re about 900 now but I’d guess higher. In that case, Metallica must be 1000, Megadeth must be 1000, Mötley Crüe must still be 1000. Where does that leave the Beatles? Elvis? Billy Joel?

If the Rolling Stones reached 1000 fame on their 1969 American Tour, where does that put them for their hall of fame induction 20 years later? okay, maybe they were only at 800 in 1969 but the R&R Hall of Fame thing surely boosted them to 1000. So what happens in 2004 when they’re listed as #4 of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time? Does their fame stay the same for 35 years? Does it keep growing or lessen over time?

Surely the quality of the band comes into play but as generations reproduce the band becomes ‘there since birth’ for some people.

I’m not saying that the fame level actually does or does not have an upper limit because I don’t know. Maybe later I’ll figure it out. Maybe cliffski would say. Is there any referential explanation, does anybody know, for the ‘non-specifically defined fields’ in the CSVs?

I remember in ‘Kudos - the other game’ in the forum somewhere, cliffski posted stuff like "after the effects, the two numbers are how much of a boost to the effect and the degrade rate per day (‘stress,.5,-.2’ would indicate 'stress is increased by one-half and decreased at a rate of 20% per day thereafter)

That was helpful. Commented CSVs or an explanation would be helpful, too. Maybe they are? (still haven’t completed reading all of them yet) a description of the 16th+ columns of assets? 14th is obviously individual characteristics of the item, 15 is room to grow ( ? ) what is 16-17? how much this item contributes to the overall quality of the band? no, wait… it’s the bonus quality you get for song writing and song titles… or the amount of merchandise and their selling price per each?

Wonderful game, almost nearly but not quite as good as or better than the previous kudos.

A ha, have you reached the complaint about likening it to the sewer yet ?? :cry: 8)
It’s easy to remedy, but expensive, just go to the next rehearsal venue :open_mouth:

A 1000 fame ?? Strewth, a long long way to go :stuck_out_tongue: :open_mouth: 8)
I wished I didn’t overwrite my saved game now. Should of carried on.

I think fame caps out around 500. I haven’t done any major documenting of the csvs yet because I’m doing a patch which changes some of them and adds a new one entirely (relax.csv)

Do you enjoy developing this game as much or more than everybody likes playing it?

‘this must be where the rubbish bands play’
‘why don’t we just go all the way and rehearse in the sewer?’

yes, I’ve pretty much heard’em all.