You the singer

Curious : can’t say I’ve noticed it ( yet :exclamation: ) but how does the Vocals increase ?

its through the practice game, you get better just as everyone else does :smiley:

Is it right that the singer always improves at a much slower rate to the rest of the group. Even when I replace a member of the group with someone who has low skill it does not take them long to become better then the singer.

Am I missing something or is this how it should work? I have played the game through several times & each time when the best members of my band are in the mid to high 40’s my singer is only in the mid 20’s.

Iv noticed this also, been doing the practice flawlessly way into the game and the highest my singer gets is 52% while the rest of the band is at 65 75%… is this a bug or intended ? May I ask why its intended that way if its not a bug, seems very strange to me that a great group of musicians would keep a mediocre at best singer.

Good point.
Especially when the point that the bandmembers actually give a damn about their skills is when they are famous and their egos are high.

Yes I noticed too that the vocalist (you) have either a slower rate to grow once everyone’s in your band OR you slowly decline while everyone goes up. Its just not fair! weeps quietly

Anyway, the best solution I can think of is when you first start the game, to up your practice abilities up to maybe 60% or 70% so when you start adding to your band, you won’t be so bad! You are the lead, you have to lead, set an example! :smiley: